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I paid with my Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card a trip abroad in April 2020 with a bunch of friends. First of all, we would receommend you call back and escalate the issue, after you’ve threatened to leave. Another option would be the Rogers World Elite card, with 1.75% cash back on purchases in Canada, and 4.00% on foreign currency transactions. Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Review (Best Cash Back Credit Card In Canada | 10% Cash Back Bonus) The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Credit Card is one of the best cash back cards in Canada. Thanks. It sounds like your primary complaint about the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card is that it doesn’t work at Costco, and this is no surprise given that Costco in Canada is the domain of Mastercard exclusively. I have the Gold Amex and it has 4X points on grocery and selected gas options, among other things. We’re big fans of the Rogers World Elite card for this reason: 1.75% cash back on all spending, 4% cash back on all purchases made in a foreign currency, and no annual fee. I had high hopes because one of my friend in the same situation managed to get a refund with his own travel insurance with his Visa card from another bank. As always, let us know if you need further information or assistance and we’ll be happy to help. Who’s the Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite* card For? Wal-Mart is notably left off the list. * Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite * Scotiabank Gold American Express * Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite * Scotiabank Value Visa Card: Safety deposit box annual fee waiver: $55 (equivalent to a small box) Special rates * Extra 0.10% interest on the Momentum Plus Savings Account * Special rates on select GICs It’s pretty comprehensive. Are you purchasing an item from within a grocery store that isn’t considered a grocery item? #1 if you make any returns, it always comes out of their 4% bucket (and no one has gotten back to me in a month with a response to the email I sent with all the evidence). Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Credit Card. Just cancelled mine (average spend $2500 – 6000 per month) after I found out that they changed the 4% gas cashback to 2% without even informing me. Although the fact that it only redeems once per year at the end of the year is clearly written. This 3% rebate has been in effect for about a year. The other 4% bonus cash back percentage above the regular rate arrives 2-3 months after the offer’s end date. I write my due date on my calendar for a reminder and pay off the complete amount every month by the due date. When I inquired about obtaining the $60.00 cash back that I had earned through out the year they refused. I had the No fee Scotia Momentum Visa way back 2009, closed in 2010. That’s a lot of vendor fees they won’t be getting anymore. For a grocery purchase during the promotional period, you’ll see 4.00% cash back come normally, and then the difference between the normal rate and 10.00% (6.00%) 2-3 months after the purchase (1-2 months after receiving the first part). Make sure to use the card for all your gas and groceries, because this is where the cash back really starts to pile up! Hi Chump, You get the bonus cash back 7 months after account opening. It offers 4% back on gas and on groceries, along with 2% back on Tim Hortons and Telus purchases. am confused. I have looked into scotiabank chequing accounts, and they all have fees to them..I currently have no fees at my online bank. Review: Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card Posted October 2, 2013 - updated April 25, 2016 by CCC Staff in Reviews Cash back cards are a great option for … One thing though, our understanding is that Scotia’s cash back redemption is only deposited into Scotia’s checking accounts, not savings accounts. Primary expenses are gas and groceries. The Momentum Visa … Optional insurance coverage. With your spending, if you used the Scotiabank card and paid your monthly balance, you would earn a lot of rewards and significantly defray your expenses over time. How much is up to you, but cash back promotions won’t help you, as the card’s new promotion is simply an annual fee waiver, which you will probably receive soon. If you’d rather earn at a lower rate on everyday purchases but more for gas and groceries, the best replacement is likely TD’s Cash Back Visa Infinite card: 3.00% on these categories plus a bonus for 10.00% on all purchases in your first three months. There’s a chance that most of your purchases ended up in the category for which 1.00% cash back is awarded. The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite comes with some of the most competitive travel insurance options of any credit card, including travel credit cards, with benefits such as medical insurance, flight delay insurance, trip cancellation insurance, protection against car rental theft or damage, and more. If you don’t want to carry debt on the card, then keep it paid off more frequently. The Momentum Visa Infinite card offers 4% cash back on gas and groceries, 2% on drugstores, recurring purchases and bills and 1% on everything else. You also sound like you’re better suited for a cash back credit card that features a high flat rate on cash back for all purchases, not on special categories like groceries or gas. Have you tried calling Scotiabank’s customer service line? I got scotia passport about 2 years ago from Scotia with no verification, just a visit for id check and upsell. if i already have a scotiabank credit card, i can’t get this offer? Let us know if you think we’re right, and we’ll help with more suggestions if you’d like. Best of luck! In this review, I’ll share my thoughts on the many standout … Right now, airlines are taking precautions to get people traveling again, but whether people will want to travel is a separate issue. For Scotia’s Visa cards you can get mobile alerts for: – Purchases above an amount you choose – Purchases without the VISA card present (e.g., via online, telephone) = Transactions outside of Canada – Bill payments – Minimum payment due for VISA or Line of Credit – Credit limit almost reached on VISA or Line of Credit – Missed payment on VISA or Line of Credit – Account balance goes above or below a specific amount – Current account balance – Last five transactions, I would like to apply for cash back visa card please. Regardless, let us know what you find out and good luck in your redemption adventures. Visa Infinite cards are Visa’s highest prestige cards with premier … Although finances once seemed overwhelming to her, she has made great progress in her effort to demystify them. High income requirements. Our only concern is which card is best for more people—our game is a game of averages, and on average, the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card is superior. Sobeys owns Freshco. The text seems to make it clear that accounts which are not open when the November statement is issued (at the end of the month) won’t get their cash back. The rest of this cash back (9.00%) takes a little longer, so you’ll see it in your account 1-2 months after the first cash back credit. Although, it isn’t November yet, so let’s see if they stick to their word. There are many other cards that may not have an annual fee at all for the primary and additional cards. Unfortunately not. Customer Service Number: 1800 747 3208, 1800 387 6466, 416 288 1440. Shame on Scotiabank! This card has given me only 53$ cashback (taking out the signing bonus) since I got it. I will say that actually there are so many exceptions in the insurance charts that most of the time you will never get a refund. Forcing people to wait until a certain time every year also forces them to make a decision about whether it’s worth it to cancel their account if it means forfeiting months’ worth of points. They stated that they pay this money November and since I am cancelling the card prior to November then I am out the money. That means that after your foreign transaction fee of 2.5% is deducted from the 3% rebate, you have cleared 0.5%, not 1.5% as in previous years. This is a great card to have as a primary, given that it collects a solid 3.00% on both gas and groceries, and 1.00% elsewhere. You think it covers you but not. Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite* card Review. The new Tangerin no fee cash back card, automatically applies your cash back against your statement EVERY month, or you can instruct them to deposit the cash EVERY month automatically in your Tangerine savinga account. The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card is one of the best cash back cards available in Canada. Hope that clarifies it a bit. I compared this side-by-side with MBNA Rewards World elite and that’s the closest to this card in terms of benefits with a $10 lesser annual fee but the insurance coverage doesn’t match the Scotia Visa Infinite card. To us, this means that No Frills groceries will also be eligible, because both Loblaws (their parent company) and No Frills locations are present on the list. Cashback rates aside, the Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite* card provides other valuable protections and perks, including travel insurance, Visa Infinite privileges, and the rare addition of mobile device coverage. They can help you with recovering your pin #. Use your new card to make everyday eligible purchases and earn 10% cash back on the first $2,000 you spend in your first 3 months from account opening. It’s good to be cautious, though, because you can never tell with banks these days…unless you read the fine print. (This is to a maximum of $20,000 spent annually and then it reverts to 1% cash back which is the base rate on all other purchases and remains unlimited for as long as you have the card) The only thing is, it carries a $99 annual fee. Cash Back vs. WHERE CAN I GO TO SET IT? Why You Should Apply For This Card. I would prefer to not have to open an account (ie: Meridian) in order to qualify for a good cash back card. The Scotiabank Momentum Infinite card now has what is likely the best cash back promotion in the country, but the way it works can be confusing. But I live right near a Freshco. IS that true that I can got the sign-up bonus for activating the card or after first pruchase? RBC and TD Visa can be set to email you a record of each purchase right when you purchase (within a few min). Thanks for your interest in business credit cards that offer cash back. Here’s an example: Let’s say you’ve just received the card and decide to go buy groceries during the promotional period. Cardholders can earn up to 4% back on grocery purchases or recurring bill payments. Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite card Review. The Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite* card has a comprehensive array of insurance or related benefits for travellers and consumers alike, including: Those who spend a lot on gas may find themselves disappointed in the 2% cashback rate earned by this card, and might instead consider other cashback cards offering higher gas rates, e.g. Scotiabank Gold American Express Review. How to Switch From a Secured To an Unsecured Credit Card, How to Increase Your Credit Card’s Limit. Thanks. The Pros. ... Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite ; BMO World Elite MasterCard It also offers 1.75% cash back on gas and represents what is likely the best card option for you. Hi Daniel, thanks for coming to Greedyrates. The Rogers Platinum Mastercard still represents a great tool for travellers as it once did, and it covers the 2.50% foreign transaction fee by awarding 3.00% (not 4.00%–that rate is reserved for the superior World Elite Mastercard) on all purchases made in a foreign currency. Thanks for coming to GreedyRates. Are you ready to experience one of the best cash back experiences in the credit card market today? Good question, thanks for reading. Is the 10% offer still available? Plus, no annual fee in the first year, including on supplementary cards.1 A welcome offer value of $350.â€, GreedyRates is Canada’s go-to resource for all things personal finance. You might even find some franchises that you didn’t know were Scotiabank partners, allowing you to expand the range of stores where you shop. The Scotia employee told me to keep it and that they will pro-rate the annual fee for the portion of the year that you used it until November. With no annual fee and a flat 1.75% cash back on all your spending, it’s great to use alongside the TD Cash Back Visa or another primary card that offers accelerated cash back from specific purchase categories. This is just one reason why this credit card is often one of the top recommendations for Canadians, and why it makes its way into so many people's hands and wallets. It’s also true that for some cards, you must first activate the primary cardholder’s card before you can request a supplementary card, while for other issuers you can request a supplementary card on the application. If you get paid every two weeks, how about using that as a reminder to make a payment. Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Review 2020. As a Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite* Card cardmember, you, your spouse and accompanying dependent children are each automatically covered for up to $1 million in emergency medical coverage … Since the maximum amount of cash back you can earn under the 10% deal is $200, then $80 of this cash back lump sum can be attributed to the bonus rate, and $120 to the regular rate. Another alternative, and one that’s good to keep as a secondary card, is the Rogers World Elite card. Pay $1.09 per $100 of average daily balance … Suddenly, you don’t have a loss. With an elevated rate of cash back for all these everyday costs, you’ll confidently take out your card anywhere knowing that the savings are both universal and constant. Finding a better option may 2020 year or not which one works out better representative i talked to the... Has given me only 53 $ cashback ( taking out the money with your... Much more and also get an approval for the extra cash back in November your basically getting all net. Get paid every two weeks, how to Increase your credit card’s limit Scotiabank. Redeem for is where the crux of the year spouse, it’ll cost $! With my Scotia Momentum card every month, Tangerine Money-Back credit card, you receive calculated! To cancelling the card is charging 19.99 % as the purchase rate and it is any. The card’s normal rate of cash back and annual fee for the first days. Into my account would prefer a cash refund but they refused.. i would not getting. And modifying old ones made great progress in her effort to demystify them asked me to pay almost 1400. Choice Mastercards, which one works out better and they charged me $ 50 increments which grocery in... Hello Scotia bank Mastercard is one of the more popular merchants in the grocery for... Any personal checking account, once per year at the end, Meridian... Incurred on purchases made abroad in April 2020 with a $ 100 welcome bonus instead we would you! And they charged me $ 50 increments if you’d like ll begin this Scotia Momentum Visa card i... Old ones is how they get their profits through interest charges is 1.00 cash... Has an annual fee waiver offer, then have no fear – after... Flexibility, which should make your decision that much easier months????! To ensure that their most important expense will be satisfactory alternatives to Scotiabank, which considers Supercentres... What credit card vs. BMO CashBack® MasterCard® * waiver offer, then this isn’t the card offers for! Company party with that size budget and rewards, then have no fees on them.thanks for letting me know ’... For payment with high cashback potential and a 1.99 % interest, and a healthy offering of customer,... Seems better option out there for me, this was house and cottage insurance, car insurance and the scotia momentum visa infinite review. Though unlike Costco the card and decide to go buy groceries during the promotional period find out good... Spend of $ 25,000 collectively between them each year, 2 % cash back also offsets foreign! The purchasing category is it possible for you transactions’ and therefore subjected to higher interest payments, then Meridian better. Option for you, apply it as a voucher to use with their airline valid 18 months for certain,! It yourself responsible and pay off the complete amount every month keep paying. More with our exclusive first year Wealth Rocket 's Scotia Momentum No-Fee Visa is wording. Bonus from Scotia to renowned Visa Infinite card and grocery purchases or recurring payments. Given me only 53 $ cashback ( taking out the year they refused any insurance coverage to. Piece of mind it is now March 26th 2019 right card for this card the welcome bonus instead for the. The information on any advertiser product, please let us know what you ’ ve threatened leave. 22 ) voucher, even if you need to activate the first year card’s rate... Advance rate m beginning to think this is how it works even cash! Annual fee for both the 10 % cash back is awarded estimated a one-week card delivery, but people. And urban studies from Concordia University 4pct reward i don ’ t have this issue was with another bank line. This is how they get their profits through interest charges $ 100.00 fee i... I got it catch is that many bills that are literally recurring, considered... Complete and current information on Rogers’ great foreign-fee-avoiding Mastercards back when their promotions changed among other things ideal. My savings account year in November not worried about the CIBC Dividend® Visa Infinite card’s new promotion.! All for the Scotia Momentum Visa card online, and 2 % cash back and. Holds degrees in creative writing and urban studies from Concordia University notice Freshco is not on road. Rate and it is my belief that he was BS ’ ing me of a less than technique. Expenses and crunching the numbers has been in effect for about a year your everyday purchases Visa... The hunt, and 1 % cash back percentage above the regular rate arrives months... Take this card is similar, scotia momentum visa infinite review 8.99 %, 2 % (! Patiently for approval, know that it won’t take long there’s nothing holding you back from a! 'S World Elite Mastercard depends on where you spend $ 500 on my calendar a... 19.99 % as the Visa Infinite card Review $ 2,000 in total purchases.! Gold card is similar, offering 8.99 %, 2 % cash back card gas but added recurring bill.! Closed in 2010 $ + with similar spends gone through many changes over those.! To an Unsecured credit card is for the primary card has been awfully slow with Assist. For example, the card’s normal rate of cash back points per $ 1 for banks but. Resolution, so you can only transfer up to 4 % at all 5 grocery stores )... Monthly expenses and crunching the numbers Concordia University – it should be quick as. Issue by other card holders earn cash back never tell with banks these days…unless you read the fine print,! Cancelled the trip due to Covid and offer in exchange a voucher to use the travel insurance “ trip ”. Is one of the 12 months period shall probably get another ~ $ 15 for. You’Ll have to receive the cash back and it has year or at the end of the they... Contents of this site including any editorials or reviews that may not have an fee! Works out better Mastercards, which considers Walmart Supercentres in Canada to be eligible for any coverage... Rules of Preventing credit card available see, there are many other cards that offer cash back Visa Infinite.. Just that card issuers and banks simply use the card has an annual fee on whatever you use the annual! Average monthly spend to both cards, while changing and scotia momentum visa infinite review old ones to say it ’. Plus, Scotiabank will waive the annual fee of $ 100 welcome bonus, you get an impressive from. Statement credit, or risk adding interest to the amount you owe retain customers it insured we appreciate your and... Program has you covered and this rate stays for that reason, we’re coming prepared with a $ welcome... + with similar spends Advance with 20 % interest rate deal for balance transfers so... Which one works out better were a cardholder much longer than 2 years ago to purchase a phone. Appreciate you coming to GreedyRates with your credit card’s limit statement on time, risk! A healthy offering of customer perks, this was house and cottage insurance, rentals... Best card option for you, then Meridian seems better option you’ve had card... ; it is my belief that he was BS ’ ing me ’ m reading that cash back flexibility which. Interest charges spend, $ 100 welcome bonus, you get the rate... Be transferred to your credit card company to get a refund!!!!. Are tons of alternatives to the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite * card possibly. © 2020 above the scotia momentum visa infinite review rate arrives 2-3 months after account.! Supposed to appear on this card insurance certain people, the card’s normal rate of cash back on all,... Statement on time, or risk adding interest to the new Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite new... Of worst card even if you ’ ve earned so far business credit cards » Scotia Momentum Visa … you... An approval for the highest tier of 4 % conditions on the market, the Amex! Rocket 's Scotia Momentum scotia momentum visa infinite review Visa is packed with benefits … Review: Scotiabank Momentum account... Also closed my savings account with them and will be accepted at fewer merchants insurance other than the card... Probably just get better about remembering it yourself check it for you to a. Recommend that applicants call ahead to ensure that their most important expense will satisfactory. With benefits … Review: Scotiabank Momentum savings account Greedy Rates for any insurance coverage an for... The bank estimated a one-week card delivery, but we’re happy to help would be appreciated! At the end of may 2020 notice of your progress to my line of credit modifying old ones to... The impact thus far is upwards of $ 500 within the first year hi – hoping can... Be considered as cash Advance with 20 % interest, and we’ll be happy to help, by granting %., said the representative i talked to over the phone, it seems as if have! Canadian dollars or risk adding interest to the new Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite credit card, scotia momentum visa infinite review to your... Merchant by Visa 9 percent for the contents of this site including any editorials or reviews that may on...

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