COVID-19 Curbside Collection

Monday – Friday

8AM – 10AM

Your test must be ordered by a healthcare provider prior to arriving

Please remain in your vehicle and have the following ready:

Patient Information (Drivers License)

Health Insurance or Payment Method

(If not billing insurance, the cost of the test is $100.00)

Do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes prior to your sample collection

Test Results Will Be Sent To Your Healthcare Provider The Following Business Day

Phone: 435-628-2215

Fax: 435-359-5184

Address: 4616 Beehive Drive, Unit #4 St. George, Utah 84790

For More Information About COVID-19:

Soft Cell Labs

Disrupting the industry with groundbreaking discoveries.

How are we disrupting the industry?

By using state of the art next-gen sequencing, and patented procedures, we are able to test faster and more reliably than by traditional methods. Soft Cell’s Research and Development has been instrumental in many groundbreaking discoveries in regards to L-form bacteria and it’s application to traditional testing.

Testing Antibacterial Hood
SoftCell Technician using an Antibacterial safety hood

L-form bacteria is bacteria without a cell wall, or a “Soft Cell”. This bacteria can survive in conditions where normal bacteria, or “Hard Cell” bacteria can not. This knowledge has helped our labs identify and reliably test for different harmful bacteria residing in the bloodstream.

What is our vision?

What started out as a study into why arthroplastic surgeries were rejected without an infection or even an apparent reason, turned into a discovery much bigger than previously imagined. L-form bacteria can live inside the human body, and can be the cause of disease. Our team has learned how to test and culture these L-form bacteria in a way that allows a greater understanding of the human body.

SoftCell Technician Working

Our vision is to identify and control autoimmune diseases, arthroplastic rejection, and other ailments before the patient is compromised, by testing and providing antibiotics to those with previously undiscovered L-form bacteria.